94% of the Portuguese consider that the price increases that will have the most impact on their lives are those related to food, with those relating to energy, transport and housing only appearing later on the list. Almost all (92%) of respondents reveal that the price increase will have repercussions on their eating habits. Greater planning of meals, the purchase of fewer products and fewer visits to restaurants are some of the consequences listed, reveals the study “Barómetro FOOD 2022”, carried out under the FOOD Program, of the Edenred group, with the support of the European Union.

According to a report by ECO, about 20% of respondents point out that the increase in prices will be reflected in a lower nutritional quality of their meals. And the impacts felt would be even more pronounced if they did not receive a food subsidy through a meal card.

“The majority reveal that if they stopped receiving social vouchers, they would lose purchasing power, which would have effects on the level of trips to restaurants and the nutritional quality of their meals”, says Edenred.