"At this time we have only one active fire, that of Carvalhal and Amendoeira, which is a reactivation of the fire that was active two days ago in the same zone," said a source from the District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) from Faro. Regarding the fire in Besteiros, in the parish of Salir, which broke out at 4pm today, "it was extinguished at 6:08pm", said the same source, stressing that there are still means in place for the aftermath operation.

The reactivation, at the beginning of this afternoon, of the fire that broke out on Wednesday in the parish of S. Clemente, mobilized at 7:30pm, 118 men, supported by 32 vehicles and five aerial means, according to the website of the National Civil Protection Authority. According to the same source of the CDOS of Faro, the fight against the flames continues to be hampered by the fact that it is in a rough terrain and due to a lack of access, which does not allow firefighters to approach the front of the fire.

"The big opponent of this fire is that it does not allow ground combat vehicles to reach the front of fire," he said, adding that the fire, which on Wednesday had two active fronts, now has only one active front. On Wednesday, this fire, which broke out in the early afternoon, caused 53 people to leave their homes as a precaution, who were then able to return about 10:30pm. However, according to the same source, "today there is no record of people being displaced", either voluntarily, nor by request from of the Civil Protection forces.