Deco alerts all consumers to the end of these exceptional and temporary rights relating to essential services on 30 June. The measures had been implemented in the context of the pandemic caused by covid-19 to provide a temporary response to the difficulties faced by consumers, supporting them and guaranteeing access to essential public services, such as the electricity, natural gas, water, and telecommunications services.

Also, telecommunications services cannot be suspended until 30 June, due to non-payment of bills, in case of a loss equal to or greater than 20 percent of the household income. Also those who didn’t pay their bills, during this period, because they were infected by covid-19 wouldn’t have their services cut off.

At the moment, consumers who are unemployed, or have a loss of income in their household equal to or greater than 20 percent compared to the previous month, can cancel their telecommunications contracts without any penalty, until 30 June. Alternatively, and under the same conditions, they may request the suspension of the telecommunications contract, without consequences, resuming it on 1 January 2022, or on another date to be agreed with the operator.

Deco highlights that these rights will expire on 30 June, 2021. The association can help you to contact the company to find a payment plan that is fair and suits you. Request Deco’s intervention through the contacts: 21 371 02 00;

Tel: 289 863 103


It is also possible to schedule Skype appointments Follow DECO Algarve on social media: