Follow the steps to make your claim:

  1. You have a puncture – now what? If you are in a city, town, or village, or on a secondary road, get out of your car, check the damage, call the police, and take pictures of the incident.
  2. The police will then prepare the so-called Auto de Notícia - paid by the driver - with the description of the accident. Although it is considered optional, it is essential to prove the conditions and the exact location of the damage. In addition to take pictures of the location and condition of the vehicle, take note of the names and contact details of drivers or walkers, who have witnessed the accident. If you have to take the case to court, witnesses are essential. Have the tire repaired and don’t forget: keep the invoice!
  3. The bureaucratic path begins at this stage. Fill the occurrence report and the claim for damages. Do it as soon as possible. Hand them over to the competent services. If you have not yet fixed the car, you must present a complete budget, with a breakdown of work and hourly workforce values for the repair. If the vehicle has already been to the repair shop, you must present an invoice / receipt. Add to all this the official report of the authority that documented the incident, photographs, and contacts or written testimony of the witnesses.
  4. And now wait. There are several reports of drivers who take care of everything and are waiting. Sometimes years. And little can be done, besides insisting. Because another problem is the lack of alternative entities that the consumer can address.
  5. Exception to the rule. If the car suffers a puncture or other incident due to weather conditions, for example, the management entity is exempt of responsibility - the driver must pay.

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