I am going to visit the UK soon and needed temporary insurance for 30 days, to drive my own UK registered car which I keep in the UK for visiting. The Gov.Uk and the DVLA sites both say that Portuguese licenses are acceptable to drive in the UK. However after trying no less than 23 different insurance companies and comparison sites in the UK I could not find a single company who would give me temporary insurance to drive my own car, in the UK on a Portuguese license. Eventually, I had to contact B.I.B.A. the British Insurance Brokers Association. After making them aware of this situation, they suggested that I try a particular specialist car insurance broker and they were able to give me the cover I required.

To overcome the frustration and difficulty which I experienced, anyone wishing to take out temporary insurance like myself can contact http://www.sterling-insurance.co.uk

to obtain a quotation. I have no affiliation with this company, I simply wish to pass on this time saving information to your readers.

Michael Chambers, By email