However it would serve us better to listen to someone of note.Someone who has a track record of meticulous research into the origins of the virus.The exact data about its world wide effect..and its present situation with variants.Someone who has interviewed every creditable viral expert on the planet in order to collect that data That man is Ivor Cummins. The man who first socked Big Pharma in the eye with his research on the exact cause of heart attacks. NO not Cholesterol, but Insulin ie diabetes 2 ..So no need for Statins As you can imagine that didn’t sit well with those companies producing the most lucrative drug on the planet. So its no surprise they don’t like his research into Covid.

Sadly our Governments have felt unable to give full disclosure. Have indeed given baffling, conflicting advice..leaving us today bewildered, and more frightened than ever. It is very clear now that we are dealing with much more than a virus. Their draconian behaviour has lead us in only one direction… towards Totalitarianism. You will comply…you will obey..You will hand over your children Portugal has just declared that children as young as five will be vaccinated.Innocents with absolutely no need for a jab. Innocents with no data on what it will do to their developing bodies. They are to be the guinea pigs now.

If I say that to date over One Million Americans have registered with the VAERS site for vaccine damage (and that is guesstimated to be a tenth of the real numbers). many of them children, then you might stop and think about this decision. Wouldn’t it be wiser to wait for complete data? After all It’s not a life threatening illness for children and most fact. The data we do have tells us that its mainly the obese with diabetes 2 and other con morbidities who are most at risk of dying. ie already unhealthy people: The old /over 80 yrs are always ar risk from flu type virus’s its a natural fact of life..Why are we hysterical about this? Meanwhile 78,000 Brits have died in the UK over this period from other illness’s a lot unable to see doctors because we have concentrated on this one virus and left them out in the cold.

As an adult in the first phase of the crisis I could see the point in some of the measures…even though they had been proven in the past to make no difference..They made frightened people feel better…Now I have changed my mind. The narrative has become sinister, and too close to the most horrific time in our history when another group of people were demonised, and we know how that ended. We are heading in that direction at a frightening pace. Who would have believed the scenes in Australia or Austria etc..Who would have believed that a democratic society would FORCE people to take an untested medical procedure.

Ivor Cummins was of course removed early on from YouTube, as were many world experts. He has made a film on VIMEO, called THE COVID CHRONICLES. It simply tells the true story with all the relevant facts and data without emotion…I would urge everyone to try and watch it before it is taken down