Paiva Walkways – Arouca, Aveiro

Difficulty - Hard

Paiva Walkways are probably the best known in Portugal. With an extension of eight kilometres and seven hundred meters, the walkways are part of the Geopark of Arouca, in the district of Aveiro. Along the trail, you walk between Espiunca and Areinho. Hikers will be accompanied by the freshness brought by the Paiva River. The route is not circular, so you can walk in both directions, whichever is more convenient for the hiker. Through the walkway, there is access to three river beaches, as well as SOS telephones for walkers in case of any kind of accident along the way. Along the way, steep rocks can be seen, as well as several waterfalls. To access the walkways, it is advisable to purchase a ticket, with a cost of €1, online. Reservations can be made for groups or individuals.

Fishermen's Trail – Costa Vicentina

Difficulty - Hard

This pedestrian trail totals 226.5 kilometres, divided into 13 stages. The path runs along the entire Costa Vicentina. Hikers will be dazzled by all the beauty of the Costa Vicentina. The stages start in São Torpes, in the district of Setúbal, and can be followed to Lagos, in the Algarve. Of course, the goal is not to complete the trail in a single day. It is advisable to do one stage a day, thus spending 13 days walking while seeing the coastal beauty of the Costa Vicentina. On the official website of Rota Vicentina, all the stages of the Fisherman's Trail are detailed, which has its name derived from the existing fishing activity in the area. The trails are not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo or fear of heights.

Trails of the Historic Village of Piódão – Arganil, Coimbra

Difficulty - Easy

Located in one of the oldest villages in Portugal, this trail, which is about seven kilometres long, is characterised by a circular circuit between Piódão. On this route, hikers will be able to appreciate the architecture of the schist villages of the Central region of Portugal. Stone paths are traversed, stairs are ascended and descended on a path that has, above all, peace of mind to offer. In Piódão you can also enjoy a regional liqueur, as well as visit other points of interest in the small town of Piódão.

Port Wine Trail – Lamego, Viseu

Difficulty - Medium

This is again a circular route of about eight kilometres. Although it can be visited throughout the year, it is in autumn that hikers can delight in the colours of the season in the Alto Douro. In 2001, the region was considered a world heritage site by UNESCO. The route descends until you find one of the banks of the river, from there you will make the rest of the way through the vegetation and other hidden paths that will certainly impress anyone who passes by. The point of departure and arrival must be the town of Samodães. The trail shouldn't be done on a rainy day, as in some areas the floor can be slippery.

Boar Route – Manteigas, Guarda

Difficulty - Medium

On this route that totals 11 kilometres, also on a circular route, the fauna and flora are one of the points to appreciate. With several autochthonous species, this route, in addition to having a panoramic view of works made by humans, is a path where you will go through the forest, and you can even see some birds of prey. The point that most attracts the attention of those who walk this trail is Poço do Inferno, a waterfall that cascades into a natural pool.

All these routes are located in natural areas that must be preserved. It is important, while walking, to preserve the environmental spaces to protect the fauna and flora that inhabit these spaces. As such, it is always advisable not to smoke during the journey, as well as not to deposit rubbish on the ground.