Have you ever had, or know someone that had, a bad experience working with a Real Estate agent while purchasing a property in Portugal? The answer is usually yes.

My name is Anne Brightman and I am founder and CEO of Brightman Group International Luxury Real Estate. What makes this company different in a super competitive market? It begins with my story upon arriving in Portugal.

I am an American and have been in Real Estate for years, working and living in different international markets. Upon arriving in Portugal with my partner on vacation, we fell in love with this country, with the people, the weather, the wine, the food - and the list goes on. If you are living here or visiting, you probably know what I´m talking about. Portugal is a great place to live and it is no longer a well-kept secret.

Being a sophisticated investor and experienced in Real Estate, I am shocked in retrospect to think we made the life changing decision to permanently move here and purchase a property after only one week of touring the country. I will add that this is a decision we have never regretted but what we did regret was the appalling lack of service we received from our agent that turned our initial excitement into a painful and exhausting journey.

After signing the deed for our new home we returned to the US to prepare for our move. The apartment was in the final stage of renovation and our moving date was in three months. It took more than a year. Murphy´s Law prevailed throughout and we had no one to turn to for help. We knew no one other than our Real Estate agent who had sold us the property. Throughout that painful year, for the most part, she ignored our emails, phone calls, and cries for help.

Upon arriving in Portugal, it was my mission to open a Real Estate company that was based on the principals of Optimal Customer Experience. The foundation of Brightman Group's great service begins with the Company Culture and Vision and relies on an elite team of professionals to carry out that vision of never leaving a client behind.

We offer concierge service, laser client focus, and a caring, genuine, desire to help our buyers and sellers get the best deal possible.

We invite you to visit us and discover the difference working with a Brightman Group agent will make in your journey. For more information…