With a population of over 2.8 million, Manchester is often noted by its people to be the upcoming city in the United Kingdom. With a history that has made permanent marks on society – as it was the place where the atom was first split, and the birthplace of the meat-free diet – Manchester is an iconic city. However, the mass of diversity Manchester holds makes it home for every person, no matter what background they are from.

Here is a round up of where to find the best of Portugal in Manchester.


Manchester Art Gallery was founded in 1823 and is situated in the city centre. It showcases outstanding art exhibitions from various countries around the world.

Previously, the Manchester Art Gallery has hosted “the UK’s most ambitious exhibition of works by Portuguese contemporary artist Joana Vasconcelos”. Titled ‘time machine’ Joana Vasconcelos’s artwork is “seductive and subversive”, and although the exhibition is long over, the gallery occasionally showcases her artwork still.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the opening of art galleries, Manchester Art Gallery has opened, which you can enter Wednesday to Sunday, from 10am to 4pm.


Fancy a taste of Portugal? Well, you can enjoy countless selections of traditional Portuguese products at a Taste of Portugal. A Taste of Portugal is one of the few supermarkets devoted to Portuguese products – and products from other countries such as Brazil and Spain.

Described as “cosy” by manager Fernando, the supermarket aims to supply products to the public - specifying Portuguese – and provides wholesale.

A taste of Portugal is ideal for anyone looking to pick up Portuguese products. First opened in 2015, the supermarket offers a range of products including “traditional Portuguese food such as fish [sardines, tuna, and sardine pâté], seafood, and charcuterie [a delicacy that specialises in dressed meats and meat dishes, and cheese]. Moreover, certain wines from Portugal are specifically chosen to cater to Portuguese people. Fernando also mentioned that a Taste of Portugal offers “amazing cakes” such as the pastel de nata; bola de berlim; milfolhas and bolos de arroz.

This supermarket is a perfect-identical version of a supermarket you would expect to see in Portugal.


Portugalia is a restaurant situated in Salford – a ‘tiny city’ directly northwest of the city of Manchester. Portugalia is an “authentic” restaurant that is “100% Portuguese”, said manager Costa Castro who is originally from Lisbon, Portugal. The choice of décor corresponds to Castro’s statement, as the restaurant’s artwork showcases Portuguese towns like Sesimbra.

Portugalia reflects Portuguese cuisine confidently, which is evident with the countless range of Portuguese beverages that can be seen as soon as you walk through the door. Castro offers a range of wines from Portugal as well as SuperBock and Sagres beers.

When expressing the restaurant’s choices of food, Castro explained that he “aims to provide the perfect Portuguese cuisine”, which is reflected in the countless choices. The restaurant even offers a Francesinha alongside many different grilled meats.

Although slightly out of the city centre, Portugalia will give you a warm taste of home.

Another chance to sample the cuisine of Portugal can be found at KBOM. Despite being in the city, KBOM is Manchester’s hidden gem. First opened on 31 January and situated in HATCH - a vibrant pop-up destination featuring independent retailers, breweries, and restaurants - KBOM serves the finest ‘soul food’ - a fusion of Portuguese and Brazilian food.

KBOM is unique in its way, as it’s one of the only traditionally authentic Portuguese restaurants in the city of Manchester. Taken influence from history - as Portugal once colonised Brazil, and parts of Africa - KBOM aims to deliver authenticity. The decor showcases traditional Portuguese street art Fado vadio, a tribute to Fado.

The food menu includes traditional meals such as pão de quejio, bitoque, picanha à brasileira and pastel de nata.

KBOM will satisfy any person, but if you are craving a fusion of authentic Portuguese and Brazilian food, Marcio Coelho, and his staff welcome you to KBOM.


Just Natas is a distinctive café in the city centre of Manchester. As the stall is located at the food market in Manchester’s Arndale shopping centre – a market that contains several authentic street food stalls that because of this, the atmosphere screams culture.

As the title of the store suggests, Just Natas focuses on one thing only. Pastel de nata. As soon as you get to the stall, there are over 30 fresh and warm cakes to choose from. The employee also said that the café serves specialised coffee, and authentic soft drinks including UCAL - a deliciously rich and smooth chocolate beverage, which is one of the most known Chocolate Milk brands in Portugal and Sumol.

Furthermore, Just Natas screams Portuguese culture, as the décor showcases Portuguese tiles that present a typical white and blue colour scheme. On top of the tiles, the word “Obrigado”is placed in giant letters.