In a statement released on 30 July, the Metropolitan Command of the PSP in Lisbon mentioned that this was the result of an investigation of about two years into the group that supplied drugs in Lisbon.

The arrests took place in an operation with 19 search warrants, in the municipalities of Vila Franca de Xira, Amadora, Loures, Odivelas and Sintra, carried out by the PSP and GNR.

The police seized more than 5,000 doses of cocaine, nearly 2,000 doses of hashish, 53 doses of heroin, and 33 doses of ecstasy, €43,409, two vehicles, an electric weapon, a defense aerosol and other items related to trafficking of narcotic.

The detainees, four of them already with a criminal record for the same type of crime, having even been in prison before, will also be present at the Central Instance of Judge, 1st Criminal Instruction Section of the District Court of Lisbon, for judicial interrogation, to apply any penalty measures to them.