According to a report by The Irish Times, the increase in profits has been down to an increase in footfall as well as interest from multinational companies who have booked out the hugely popular venue for events.

The pub is a large local employer and has 147 staff alongside 30 musicians and also 17 Irish dancers who stage around 270 shows each year.

Kaitlin McMahon, the business manager at Johnnie Fox’s pub, told The Irish Times: “Post Covid, customers expected more from our industry, looking for experiences, looking for more than just quick food and a fresh pint, and Johnnie Fox’s has always ‘raised the bar’.”

She added: “The music is seven nights a week and all day Saturday and Sunday, so those who can give full hours to our roster are on it.

“While we have continued with the same level of business, the ever increasing price hikes by our suppliers is a huge difficulty that all of our industry is facing,” she said.