The Audiovisual Union recalls that it continues "the noble mission of delivering food to the homes and families of audiovisual professionals who are out of work because of the pandemic" and it "organizes concerts whose ticket value is significantly lower than normal, appealing, in return, to the purchase and delivery on the day, of food donations, by the public".

Therefore, the ticket for Sunday afternoon's concert at The Black Mamba's Village Underground Lisbon will cost five euros and a bag of food, the list of which will be available on the event's Facebook page. At the same time the Audiovisual Union will also be organizing a silent auction "of various products given by artists and companies in the sector". The money raised will serve to buy more food to be distributed by the Audiovisual Union.

The Audiovisual Union, an informal group created in March in response to the crisis in the culture sector, began by collecting and delivering food in the Lisbon area, but already has spread up to Porto and down to the Algarve. Anyone who wants to help, or needs help, can contact this group on Facebook ‘The Audiovisual Union’ has a Facebook group, and have more information on their website

The schedule of Underground Village in Lisbon for this month also includes performances by Marum, Felix Dacat, OB DJ, The Black Mamba, Johan, Mamma Tehrani, DJ Kolt, Milton Gulli, Karlon Krioulo, Vilamar DJ, Studio Bros, Cachupa Psicadélica, DJ Glue, Fernando Rodrigues and Art Attack. All concerts at Village Undergound Lisboa take place outdoors, and comply with the safety rules of the Directorate-General for Health. In addition to the Audiovisual Union, there is at least one more food aid group dedicated to cultural professionals, called nosSOS, which is promoted by the theater company Palco 13.