Brigada Estudantil wrote in a statement that “its demonstration’s purpose is to demand the end of tuition fees and social inequalities in higher education, which have been worsened due to the pandemic”.

"Our higher education institutions have shown once again that they are only concerned about profit and have continued to charge tuition fees while we see the deteriorating living conditions of our families," they said.

For the Brigada Estudantil, the promise that tuition fees would help improve the quality of education was only "another instrument of social screening of students."

Brigada Estudantil stated that “instead of asserting itself as a space for inclusion, formation and intellectual and cultural development, University has become an increasingly restricted, inaccessible and elitist space".

In the statement, Brigada Estudantil said that the demonstration "Geração à Rasca 2.0" begins in Largo de Camões, Lisbon, at 4pm and there are also demonstrations in Praça da República, in Coimbra, and in The Lions Square, in front of the rectory of the University of Porto.