In the text of the petition, which the Lusa News Agency had access to, ProToiro warns that the proposals of the parties “attack” bullfighting culture and cultural diversity, stressing that the change is “absurd, unfounded and attacking” the rights of minors.

However, the PAN party revealed earlier this month that the Government accepted its proposal to ban the presence and participation of minors in bullfighting shows and indicated that the legislation will be changed in the first quarter of 2021.
“Minors are citizen with full rights and this attempt to limit the access to a cultural spectacle clashes with the constitutional obligation of the State to promote accessibility to culture for all”, reads the text of the petition.

“As if that were not enough, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Children provides, in Article 18º, that the responsibility for educating children lies primarily with the parents”, reads the document.

Invoking respect for the rights and freedoms of children, ProToiro calls for the maintenance of the age classification of bullfighting for those over 12 years of age and the maintenance of freedom of choice for children and their parents.