"The National Directorate of Chega, after meeting in plenary, decided to have a go at the Portuguese Prime Minister, Dr. António Costa, for having branded the party 'the worst that exists in Europe'.

According to the leaders of the political force led by André Ventura, "Chega is a legitimate party, legalised by the Portuguese Constitutional Court. “António Costa will have to answer for the statements he made, predictably before the Supreme Court of Justice", predicts Chega.

The party also announced that it will deliver "a formal vote of condemnation in the Assembly of the Republic to the Prime Minister "for the regrettable statements made and that call into question not only Chega but also the PSD and the CDS, due to the current context of governance in the Azores.” Finally, Chega regrets that a prime minister reveals total dishonesty at a time when he begins to lose power and does not hesitate to vilify his political opponents" it reads.

In an interview with TVI on 9 November, António Costa argued that it was "of the utmost gravity" that the social democrats in Portugal had taken "a step that the democratic right in Europe has resisted taking, which is to make a deal with a party of the xenophobic right".