It is stated that the transmission of the hydroelectric uses of Miranda, Bemposta, Picote, Baixo Sabor (consisting of two dams) and Foz-Tua, with the assent of the APA to the transmission of these Water Resources. "EDP can thus sell the infrastructure to ENGIE," he said.

According to the information submitted, the EPA decision was based on a process of analyzing the state of compliance with the obligations of concession contracts, in particular environmental measures, as well as the transmission of responsibilities between EDP and ENGIE, the codification of operational procedures at each dam and the demonstration that the potential acquirer has the qualifications, technical and financial capacity required of the originating holder.

A transitional period of 24 months is determined, during which EDP shall provide technical support to the management of the concessions subject to the transmission.

The transmission of these concessions by EDP to ENGIE will also have advantages for the territories where they are situated.