Civil Protection resources are on the ground in road cleaning operations, according to a local authority source.

David Teixeira, vice-mayor of Montalegre, Vila Real district, said to Lusa news agency that students from the Doutor Bento da Cruz School Group will stay at home on December as a precaution and because the forecasts point to a worsening of the weather.

In this group, about 700 students study, from basic to secondary education, in schools located in Montalegre, Salto and Cabril.

Also in Serra da Estrela, due to the snowfall, the access roads to the center of the Serra da Estrela are closed this morning due to snowfall and adverse weather conditions, said a source from the Castelo Branco District Operations Command to Lusa.

Additionally, National Roads (EN) 2 and 321 are cut due to the snowfall recorded in the north of the district of Viseu earlier today, a source from the District Relief Operations Command told Lusa.