Why the LG Home Energy Storage System?
Well, LG ESS ensures ease of product installation and use, besides they are a well-known and trusted brand.

LG have focused considerable research and development efforts on ESS in order to provide a world-class system. Our DC-coupled product based on 3-level topology helps save ESS installation costs and features compact design for a small footprint and ease of installation. It also features Wi-Fi connectivity with mobile devices to provide a straightforward monitoring function, as well as auto operation mode for improved convenience.

The Smartest Way to use Solar Energy
LG Electronics provides energy storage system to enhance self-consumption rate of photovoltaic systems. LG’s high-power DC-coupled ESS converts energy more efficiently than AC-coupled ESS. Thus, LG ESS can achieve higher efficiency.

Furthermore, LG ESS generates the three-phase AC current producing the balanced grid power. Also, emergency power to protect the customer’s home in the event of a sudden power outage. Above all the user-friendly EnerVu mobile application helps the easy system set-up.

The web monitoring function also allows installers and users to check their system status anytime and anywhere.

If you are alreadyto go solar, you can maximize your benefits even more by introducing ESS at the same time. A typical household requires high energy during the morning and evening times. However, solar modules generate the most energy during the middle of the say, so all that excess energy is at risk of being wasted. The LG ESS enhances the efficiency power use by allowing customers to store all that energy from the sun when it most needed.

With this system you could potentially save around 30% on your annual bills.

Back-up Power
It is unimaginable to live a life without energy, and a sudden power outage is never what any family wants. Loss of power leads to many inconveniences more than just frustration in the dark and food concerns. The LG ESS will always be ready to ride through a power outage by retaininga certain amount of charge on the battery.

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