Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues was speaking at the Antigo Picadeiro Real, in Belém, Lisbon and left a reminder "of the need to have, despite the difficult circumstances in which the country is, a great mobilisation to vote in the presidential elections".

According to Ferro Rodrigues, it would be "a demonstration of civic and democratic maturity, alongside so many that the Portuguese have demonstrated in recent months, a massive vote on 24 January".

In his view, "the parliament has not only set a great example of institutional cooperation with the President of the Republic and the government, but has also set an example of working capacity and being ready to respond in times of crisis that were perfectly possible to foresee a year ago".

In 2021 we must also "keep the parliament and the democratic institutions fully functioning", he said.

"We therefore have this opportunity in 2021 to move towards new formulae for economic growth, towards a more digital, greener economy, without sacrificing employment - this is something very difficult and will need great political cohesion, just as it has existed in recent years", he said.