As part of the contingency plan for homeless people triggered by the cold weather, there were at the time of going to press, 23 people in the emergency reception facilities, out of a total of 40 to whom it provided support.

The Contingency Plan, triggered due to cold weather, saw the municipality "strengthen responses to ensure that they are adequate to the needs and there are still vacancies available in the temporary emergency reception facilities".

Under the coordination of the municipality, the plan which was triggered on 30 December, has already guaranteed a response to more than 40 homeless people, who have accepted one of the solutions presented by the Municipal Civil Protection and the multidisciplinary street teams.

On the premises of the former Joaquim Urbano hospital, where the town hall has an Emergency Reception Centre in operation, and where one of the city's three solidarity restaurants is located, there are currently 20 people, with vacancies still available.

Also in the Centro de Campanhã dos Albergues Nocturos do Porto, where there are three people, the vacancies available have not yet been fully filled.

Besides these two temporary shelters, the Porto City Hall states that the Social Security's Social Accommodation Centre (CAS) also has a vacancy available.

In the metrostation, there is also a daily team from the organisation Coração na Rua, with blankets, hot drinks and food, as well as a team from Médicos do Mundo which, on site, has provided medical support for the analysis of symptoms and necessary care.