In a year that economic pressures have affected many people, in order to ensure that everyone has access to culture, access to cultural establishments will be allowed to all citizens, national or foreign, who can prove that have residence in Portugal.

“In 2021, the Government takes the necessary measures to extend the free admission to all museums, palaces and national monuments (…) on Sundays and holidays for all citizens residing in the national territory”, reads the document.

The State Budget also allows for the free access to national museums and monuments for students in vocational and higher education in the areas of historical-artistic and tourism, heritage and cultural management. For that, a student must simply provide proof.

The entities – museums, palaces and national monuments - will be guaranteed the transfer of funds corresponding to the reduction of ticket revenue on these days.

This measure emerges from a proposal to amend the State Budget for 2021 presented in November by the PCP that had the favourable votes of the left, the PS and the PAN parties.