Under the aegis of NATO, the European Union, the United Nations or under bilateral arrangements, 75 vehicles, seven aircraft and six ships are also planned to be used by the three branches of the armed forces: Navy, Army and Air Force.

The Central African Republic is the scenario that absorbs the most Portuguese military, a total of 198, with 184 operatives from the immediate reaction force stationed at the headquarters of the United Nations Integrated Multidimensional Mission for the Stabilisation of the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) in Bangui.

The FND has a budget of EUR 63 million, in accordance with the specific allocation table in the State Budget Report for 2021, three million more than in 2020.

The figures are in line with those for 2020, when EMGFA estimated 1 738 military personnel engaged in 22 international missions, as well as five vessels, seven aircraft and 66 vehicles.