This design has resulted in combining offset and screen printing techniques, creating a more harmonious visual aspect of the background with anti-copy motifs - guilloches, microtexts and lines of variable thickness - which cannot be reproduced by conventional means.

Another element that now provides greater security to the card is the presence of a MLI (multiple laser image) structure in which, depending on the angle of view, the laser-engraved photograph of the holder in reduced scale or the document number is identified. This new card will also make it possible to include, on the reverse side, the entitlement to drive agricultural vehicles represented by a tractor.

This new card model paves the way towards moving from physical documents to the digital by introducing a two-dimensional bar code (QR Code) that can be easily read through a smartphone, which points to the features of IMT - online.
Produced in the National Press - Mint since the 60’s, the driver’s license is a document that has seen numerous changes over the years to increase security.