The dog, a bull terrier, was found on 2 February, in the river, near Mexilhoeira da Carregação, by people who alerted the GNR of Lagoa. The GNR reported the case to the Maritime Police (PM) of Portimão.

According to the PM, they "immediately went to the location, having removed the animal's body from the water with the technical support of the Lagoa City Council, which subsequently transported it to the municipal kennel". The PM adds that "it did not have a chip or an identification record" and that the suspect in the case was identified "after investigations by the Maritime Police at several veterinary clinics".

The case was reported on social media with the photograph of the dog leading to widespread shares. The suspect is said to be the owner of the pet and is to be charged with the crime of mistreatment.

The man had admitted to the authorities that he killed the dog because it was aggressive and that the couple had a new baby and were afraid that the dog could injure the baby.