“Last week, we exceeded half a million vaccines already administered, the goal we have is that, by the beginning of April, we will be able to achieve the goal of vaccinating 1.4 million Portuguese among those who are in the priority risk groups and those who provide services in essential services”, affirmed António Costa.

The prime minister was speaking to journalists at the end of a visit to the Barracks of Conde de Lippe, in Ajuda, in Lisbon, one of the centres where the vaccination process against the covid-19 for staff from the GNR and PSP started on 12 February.

António Costa reaffirmed the goal of “reaching the end of the summer with 70 percent of the Portuguese population properly vaccinated”.

"Until the end of summer we have a long way to go, we are still in winter, we have not even reached spring yet", he warned, calling on everyone to continue with individual protection measures.