The yellow notice for these two districts of the continent will be in effect between 3pm today and midnight Thursday. According to the IPMA, the yellow warning is issued whenever there is a risk for certain activities depending on the weather situation. The IPMA forecast for today on the continent generally cloudy skies and periods of rain in the northern and central regions, sometimes strong in Minho from the afternoon. Light to moderate wind is also expected, being more intense on the coast of the northern region and in the northern and central highlands as of the afternoon.

The forecast also points to morning fog and a small decrease in the minimum temperature on the coast and an increase in the maximum, especially in the interior. The minimum temperatures on the continent will vary between 4 degrees Celsius (in Bragança) and 11 (in Santarém and Coimbra) and the maximum between 10 (in Guarda) and 20 (in Faro and Beja).