In a statement, the Metropolitan Command of Porto of PSP indicates the detainees for the practice of more than 85 crimes, "and that in an abusive and fraudulent way, since the middle of 2019, they accessed the accounts of the injured, mainly through the application MBWAY", removing several monetary amounts and causing overall losses "around 500 thousand Euros".

The detainees are three men and two women, aged between 23 and 46.

The six house searches took place early in the morning in the municipalities of Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Maia and Penafiel, allowing the seizure of nine thousand Euros, nine mobile phones, a computer and a 'tablet', drugs and clothing.

The operation was the responsibility of the PSP's Criminal Investigation Division, and was carried out under the direction of the Vila Nova de Gaia Department of Investigation and Penal Action.

The detainees will be presented to the judicial authorities for application of the appropriate measures of coercion.