The Portuguese participation in the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO - European Union Youth Orchestra) proved, once again, an unquestionable success, with an excellent result in the last auditions. 23 Portuguese musicians were selected for the 2021 season (8 as full members and 15 as reserves) ”, says DGArtes, in a statement released today on its official website.

According to that organization, the effective members are: Alexandre Cruz dos Santos (double bass), Beatriz Baião (flute), Beatriz Cortesão (harp), Catarina Koppitz (cello), David Seixas (violin), João Vargas (double bass), Pedro Marques ( viola) and Rodrigo Almeida Costa (French horn). Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the European Union Youth Orchestra's 2021 season auditions “took place in a different format, having been held exclusively online for the first time”.

“As for the calendar, a summer tour and an autumn residency are planned (in Ferrara, Grafenegg and the Bolzano Festival Bozen)”, says DGArtes.

Last year, the pandemic "significantly altered EUYO's activity plan with regard to Easter tours", but "maintained, albeit in another format, the emblematic summer tour". In this context, DGArtes “co-organized The Lisbon Concert, on the 12th of August, at the Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, part of the European Music Gallery Festival 2020 concert season”. The European Union Youth Orchestra was founded in 1976 and Portugal has been represented since 1986. The training currently includes 162 musicians, from all countries of the European Union, and is directed by maestros Vasily Petrenko and Bernard Haitink. As part of the orchestra, young musicians can take courses with teachers from orchestras and conservatories in Europe and go on tour.