According to IPMA, the orange warning, the second most serious, will remain in force until 12pm today and are expected periods of rain or heavy showers and accompanied by thunderstorms.

The IPMA had warned on Tuesday that a frontal depression would affect the weather in the Madeira archipelago, but that its passage would be quick, with the critical period expected between 07am and 8am.

The active yellow warning for the district of Faro, because of the sea disturbance, with waves from southeast with 2 to 2.5 metres on the south coast, will be in force until 00:00 on Thursday.

For today, in continental Portugal, IPMA predicts an increase in temperature, especially the maximum and in the North and Centre, slightly cloudy skies, temporarily cloudy with high clouds, dust in the North and Centre and wind and strong waves in the Algarve.

The minimum temperatures will vary between 9º (Bragança) and 18º (Porto, Aveiro and Coimbra) and the maximum between 20º (Sagres) and 32º (Santarém).