The Prime Minister said that medical specialists recommend that the measures should be adequate to maintain the reduction in the spread of Covid 19 in the municipalities currently at highest risk.

According to António Costa, this assessment should take into account the different situation in the country. The PM said: “We should take into account that if in two consecutive assessments, if the same county is above the red level of risk of 120 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in 14 days”, the easing of lockdown measures should not be brought in.

In other words, there may be counties that will not follow the process of the easing of the lockdown. However, at this time, the measures are still applied equally across the country.

At the moment, four counties of the Algarve are included in the 19 counties at great level of risk. These councils where special caution is needed are Albufeira, Lagoa, Vila do Bispo and Portimão.

In addition, António Costa appealed for all citizens to stay at home during the Easter period. “As we all know, Easter is a special time. It is a time of traditional family meetings”, he said, recalling that until the 5 April there are restrictions on circulation between municipalities and we should avoid the “traditional Easter lunch”.

Lockdown measures as of Monday

Regarding education, the 2nd and 3rd cycle of schools will return to face to face classes, also spaces for children for after school tuition for these ages will reopen.

Regarding shopping, stores with a door to the street and a space of less than 200 square meters will be able to open to the public again, according to the General Directorate of Health guidelines.

In the restaurant sector, terraces will be able to open, but only with groups of four people or less and following all precautions.

Then, fairs and markets, as long as they are authorised by the local council, should be back in operation for the sale of non-food goods, while museums and monuments and art galleries can also open on this date.

Finally, sports activities classified by DGS as low risk can resume. Also gyms can reopen, except for group classes and outdoor exercises are allowed with a maximum of 4 people per group.


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Paula Martins