According to a press release from the British Embassy in Lisbon: “The UK Government is extending support for potentially at-risk groups including pensioners, disabled people and those with language difficulties who live in Europe by continuing the activity of the UK Nationals Support Fund (UKNSF) and supplementing it with an additional £1 million.

“The UKNSF provides funds to eight organisations to support UK Nationals who need assistance with their residency applications. These organisation operate in 11 EU Member States and Norway, and since the launch of the Fund in March 2020, have provided practical support for UK Nationals who need assistance with the process of applying/registering for residency in 12 European countries, following the end of the Transition Period. This funding is in addition to £3 million announced by the Foreign Secretary in March 2020.”

The UKNSF will continue to operate in Portugal as well as in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Poland, , Slovakia, Malta and Norway.

The UKNSF will continue to be delivered in Portugal by International Organisation for Migration

UK Nationals in Portugal should visit the Living in Portugal Guide at: to check what action they may need to take.