In a statement, the PSP said that 93 people were also detained for driving under the influence of alcohol, 31 for drug trafficking, 12 for possession of an illegal weapon and 31 for a warrant (court of detention).

During the operation, 32 weapons were seized, including 12 firearms and more than 4,000 individual doses of narcotic drugs.

PSP inspected more than 50,000 vehicles, with 2,900 infractions detected, of which 710 stand out for lack of mandatory periodic inspection, 156 for driving with use of the mobile phone and 146 for lack of insurance.

"Of the nearly 6,000 drivers who performed the alcohol test, 635 were not in a position to guarantee safe driving (with test values ​​that qualify the behaviour as an offense and not a crime)", indicates the PSP.

In the note, the PSP stresses that, similarly to last year one of the main concerns of the operation was to ensure compliance with the rules in force arising from the state of emergency due to the covid-19 pandemic.

"With regard specifically to the rules in force in order to promote pandemic containment, we highlight the decrease that has been registered in illegal acts in this context, clear indicators of the greater adherence of citizens to the rules in force", says the PSP.