A Facebook page was created where people could post things that they no longer needed and these were matched with families who needed them and transported to them.

Originally these donations tended to be clothes, baby equipment and small household items. As the charity became better known, larger items were offered so that each donation could consist of a single piece or the contents of a whole villa.
More volunteers were recruited and this work continued to grow.

Any family in need could ask for help but we were particularly keen to help those families who were in crisis. This may have been a family who had suffered a house fire, left an abusive relationship or where there was a real threat of children being taken into care through lack of resources.

As the work progressed, we moved on to helping parents find work, seek housing and build their own self-esteem and independence.

The group also began to support homeless people by taking food, clothing etc onto the streets, befriending and supporting some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

We have always worked in liaison with other charitable groups as we feel that, by working together, we can achieve more for those who need it most. Most specifically we have worked alongside Arm in Arm - one of our partner charities - as well as soup kitchens and fund-raising organisations.

Anybody can ask for help by private message knowing that we respect their confidentiality and, although families are free to post on the Facebook page themselves, we do not disclose names or use photographs, so no one should be worried about contacting us.