She tells us what it’s like to be a leader in the financial sector with over 30 years of experience in the market. Manuela proudly acknowledges that more and more women have managed to take their place in the financial market, contrary to the trend of recent years.

With 35 years of activity, Blacktower provides independent financial consultants who monitor the evolution of their clients' needs as well as regulation and legislation. How have Blacktower staff contributed to the ongoing success of the business?

The distinguishing feature in any company of excellence is the quality of its staff; and in this regard Blacktower is no different. A good company is composed not only of high-quality services, but also of excellent professionals, which is why we are surrounded by the best that the financial sector has to offer. Blacktower seeks continual progress in its objectives by all members of staff, and is a leader in the financial sector because the entire team is interconnected and evaluates all the challenges and risks that they face together. We operate in a complex market with an international outlook. Our aim is to improve and better serve our clients, whilst at the same time growing our established and respected company, which inspires confidence in those who invest with us.

The world of investment and financial planning is quite complex and finding the right products takes time. In the current context of a pandemic, is it more important to use your services?

There is no financial cataclysm in recent memory as pronounced as that brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, the repercussions on the financial markets are still being felt – and will continue to be felt in the coming years. Although arduous, these periods of profound instability also function as a time which is conducive to the analysis of our purpose and strategy. People are more predisposed to think about the future now, more than any other time (due to the current pandemic) and our role from day one has always been to reassure, adapt and correct asset portfolios in line with investor expectations for this new reality. At a time of profound swings in a highly volatile market, we seek to adjust these portfolios in order to guard against all possible negative scenarios, safeguarding and advising our clients against any financial worries.

Your consultants provide an independent and personalised service. How does this way of working guarantee an adequate response tailored to the clients personal or business circumstances, either locally or abroad?

At Blacktower we are not bound to sell any specific product. What we offer is holistic advice and a tailor-made financial proposal. We seek to maximize the financial returns sought by our clients, always with the lowest possible risk and according to the set of particular needs of each (since for us, there are no two customers with equal needs). The excellence of our service is based, above all, on a fundamental principle of reciprocity and trust, not only between us as a team, but also with our clients. We always give advice with pragmatism and transparency in order to respond to the demands of the sector, taking into account national and international factors in a globalised and interconnected world. The strategy of guaranteeing professionalism with quality is what we excel at.

International Women's Day was celebrated on 8th March. What can you say about women in the industry and what advice would you give to a woman at the beginning of her career in finance?

When young women start their careers, it is sometimes overwhelming because the financial world is fundamentally male dominated. Fortunately, in recent years there has been a reversal of this trend and more and more stories are being heard of women who manage to earn their rightful place within the industry. Women need to support women and share knowledge and experience ­– this is the foundation that produces the greatest success, credibility and integrity. My advice for a woman taking her first steps in this area is to have well defined goals, choose a mentor, assume your responsibilities, and above all to run your own race and know your worth.

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