Sales abroad "started the year 2021 with a positive dynamic", praises ViniPortugal in a statement, stating that until February this year "a total of 121 million Euros" was reached, which corresponds to a growth of 2.96 percent compared to the same period of last year.

By destination markets, the top five include France with 16.67 million Euros, United States of America (13.25 million Euros), Brazil (9.34 million Euros), Germany (7.65 million Euros) and Canada with 7.60 million Euros.

ViniPortugal also highlights Brazil for its positive behaviour as a destination market, presenting a growth of 36.64 percent in the period under analysis, and continuing to demonstrate the “strong appetite” of Brazilian consumers for national wines, a trend felt since last year.

Germany with an increase of 12.09 percent, and Canada with an increase of 7.86 percent, are two other markets that are highlighted by ViniPortugal in the first two months of the beginning of this year in terms of the value reached by exports