Portugal has second most expensive gas and fourth most expensive electricity in Europe

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Portugal has second most expensive gas and fourth most expensive electricity in Europe

Portugal has the second most expensive gas in Europe and the fourth most expensive electricity.

On average, Portuguese families paid 23.7 euros for 100 kWh of electricity in 2020.

As in 2019, Portugal had the fourth most expensive electricity in the European Union for domestic consumption in the second half of 2020, in terms of household purchasing power (per MWh), after the Czech Republic, Spain and Germany. The data are from the latest Eurostat bulletin, released this Monday.

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It is a disgrace that Portugal, an EU member has a medieval system where workers are paid an insulting low amount of money,around 600 euros a month.

The country has high taxes which are a massive disincentive for investment.

The price of electricity and fuel are obscene.

The workers are treated almost like slaves.

They all bang on about saving the tourist industry but who actually benefits apart from the greedy hotels and restaurants that charge extortionate prices,yet pay their workers the minimum wage of approx 600 euros a month before tax!! The work is seasonal so the workers then spent the next six months on unemployment benefits.

The other parasites are the Airbnb brigade that have forced up rents everywhere,pushed people out of neighbourhoods and are rapidly turning many parts of the country into soul less hotel rooms.To add insult to injury the government gives crazy tax breaks to those landlords.

Having ended up here I can say the place is broken.

The recent Socrates escapade just makes me feel even more convinced I am right.

By James from Algarve on 28-04-2021 08:36

It's all good, don't worry about my country, people here pay for it and smiling, here, my people care about football and sunny days at the beach... Let me tell you something else, if our "beloved political leaders" say they will f*** thé portuguese people a** in exchange of a football game those people will accept it... Viva Portugal!

By Luís Manuel Pereira Madureira from Porto on 28-04-2021 04:09

Let me get this straight. People has asked for non State interference, let the market regulate itself, more private companies and then when these systems don't work they blame the Government?

You asked for it in the first ace!

By Valter from Lisbon on 28-04-2021 03:25

Really its too expensive.there is too much hard work but the wages are too low.rent of the room and house are too much.because of this lots of people living in one home for sharing the rent.i told all of this because i suffered that condition.i also humble request to portugal goverment please take some actions.

By Gur from Lisbon on 28-04-2021 01:46

I agree that is to expensive government there just take and take they don't care

By Salvador from UK on 28-04-2021 05:21

Portugal is just bad, our salary is a little more than 600 euros, but the rents for a shitty house is all of that and more lol... The bills are expensive but people can't even pay the rent... For example a young worker its impossible to live alone, even if your real good in managing your money you simple can't do it... Thank god for telework that way we can run away from this sad country and jobs

By Rui Santos from Lisbon on 28-04-2021 01:17

Rentals, accommodation, petrol, house are all stupidly expensive on minimum wage how can you do anything here

By Steve from Algarve on 27-04-2021 08:50

Why is bottled gas twice as expensive on Portugal compared to Spain? Who pockets the money?

By Rolf Persson from Algarve on 27-04-2021 08:40

Since a bunch of surfers flighted and pushed away marine gas exploration 2 years ago, Portugal needs still to import energy from abroad at high price. The same energy that surfers need for manufacture their boards...

By plan B from Lisbon on 27-04-2021 06:36

Thanks to the Portuguese policy of selling state firms such as energy provider 'edp' to Chinese. Portugal produces so much of green energy, was a pioneer in Europe, and still so expensive.
Os portugueses têm que acordar, já que praticamente tudo está sob controle chinês. O país já não é independente, como é comemorado no 25 de abril. Mas pelos vistos, ninguém se importa.

By VS from Other on 27-04-2021 06:03

Government have to take action.it is very expensive. In comparison of basic salary scale it is very costly.

By Rutvik Purohit from Lisbon on 27-04-2021 05:09

Who cares not only electricity and gas everything is very expensive comparing to the basic salary. Very Strange life

By Johan from Lisbon on 27-04-2021 04:04
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