In terms of repression, the Government foresees a harmonisation of the 15-year statute of limitations for corruption crimes and other economic-financial crimes committed by officials and holders of political positions, the breaking of the silence pacts between the parties through the possibility of waiving or reducing the penalty, under certain conditions, by improving the mechanism that already exists today and also the provisional suspension of the process for those who report the crime and cooperate in the discovery of the truth.

The executive has also planned to reduce the time between the practice of criminal acts and the process, and the Minister of Justice, Franscisca van Dunem, admitted, in a press conference after the Council of Ministers, that in the mega-processes "the results do not often coincide with what the expectations are", underlining that, whenever possible, the judicial authority should divide the process.

On the non-inclusion of the criminalisation of unjustified enrichment in the Strategy, the minister considered that this matter is part of the transparency pact and that any change to the existing law is the responsibility of Parliament.

Regarding prevention, a General Regime of Prevention of Corruption will be created for the public and private sectors, a Protection Regime for Whistleblowers, with the transposition of the European Directive, and the creation of the Corruption Prevention Body.