The school, located in the city of Olhão in the Algarve, brings together teachers, students and their family members and non-teaching staff to create a community that everyone can be proud of.

The “I am a Citizen of the World” educational project mirrors the unique community of the local area, one of true multiculturalism and where the social fabric is made up of people from a wide variety of different economic activities. This project promotes an international mindset and critical thinking among students, creating an ability to interact in the global world. The main objective is to prepare students to be active learners throughout their life, to promote skills that allow them to choose (and build) their life path, that show respect for themselves and for others and have the ability to participate in society, constituting itself as a positive contribution to a world in constant change.

In a space built from scratch, with a total area of ​​8480 m2 (of which 7601 m2 is covered area), the school is equipped with spaces and equipment adapted to the functional requirements of the Integrated School of Basic Education, teaching in both Portuguese and English.

A curricular structure was implemented in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education, which include the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles, in addition to pre-school and nursery.

Extension to secondary education was requested so that the educational offer is that of compulsory schooling. In parallel, an international English language study plan is in place, responding to an increasingly growing demand. In the next academic year the Cambridge Curriculum (primary and lower secondary) will be implemented.

International students of CBR can participate in some teaching, curriculum enrichment, sports and cultural activities together with students of the national curriculum, bringing both sets of students together and forging close links and integration between national and international sections. The current educational project favours artistic teaching, not only at the level of musical expression in its most diverse components, but also at the level of plastic and dramatic expression. In addition, sport emerges as an ally in the full training of the world’s citizens, with a focus on karate, basketball and swimming. From pre-school, students have the opportunity to enjoy classes in musical and dramatic expression, psycho-motricity and English, taught by specialist teachers in the areas in question who, in supporting roles, support the educators, and the teachers of the first cycle, in this construction of citizens of the world.

The school population of CBR not only corresponds to its geographical location, but includes elements from several parishes in the municipality of Olhão (Olhão, Pechão, Quelfes, Moncarapacho, Fuseta) and also from some neighbouring municipalities, Faro, and S. Brás de Alportel , Tavira and Vila Real de Sto. António. In addition, there is multiculturalism among students from different continents, making the school environment rich in experiences and customs that are shared by all.

Along with a strong academic component, personal and social training is comprehensive in the educational dynamics of the school, in which students, staff, parents and guardians are called upon to contribute, through the continuous accountability of the different actors and who constitute themselves as role models. As a strategy to enable a closer relationship with the community in general, the school has been establishing partnerships with entities in the areas of sport, social solidarity and others.

CBR is committed to continuing to develop its teaching project, with the ultimate aim of providing the local community and in general, an excellent education service, based on conceptual principles of the ideal to be served, Educating for Freedom and Autonomy, helping to strengthen the community and contributing to the improvement of people’s lives.

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