The protests will take place on Wednesday – in front of the Ministry of Economy - and on Thursday - next to the Council of Ministers.

Together, APIC, the Portuguese Association of Amusement Companies (APED), and MEID - Association - Itinerant Business Movement of Amusement and Similar Companies will protest for the first time.

The president of the Association of Certified Itinerant Professionals (APIC) said to LUSA news agency that entrepreneurs “just want to get back to work" about the restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, stressing that the Government cannot "discriminate" against the sector.

Luís Paulo Fernandes stated "the decree-law is clear: amusement activity is totally prohibited. Leisure activities, doing sports, and going to the playground are all authorised by the municipal councils. In our case, nothing is authorised".

The representative clarified that the initiative brings together the three associations of the sector to express indignation, as the government is ignoring the itinerant entrepreneurs.

"The Ministry [of Economy] should have already realised that there is no division between us. We are, the three associations, aligned for the first time, despite the differences and competition… Businessmen have nothing to lose. It is total desperation".

Last year, the president of APIC stated that there was not a single suspected case between July and September among entrepreneurs or families - a time that entrepreneurs worked with protocol and contingency plans.

"We have asked for meetings with the Ministry of Economy, but what we want is for it to issue an order saying that we don't start this week, but we can the week of 20 May, which is when the protocols and municipal authorisations are ready… In the meetings, what we were told was that they are attentive, but that it is not yet time to release the activity to us".

The representative further explained that a protocol has already been signed with the municipality of Figueira da Foz, in the district of Coimbra.

"The protocol with Porto City Hall is going to be voted on in the municipal assembly. We need to start preparing things to open,".

The businesspeople will also hold a vigil in front of the Presidency of the Republic.