The Regional Attorney of Porto (PGR-P) revealed that the man is accused of committing four crimes of offenses to physical integrity, one of them serious.

“Regarding the movement of the animal on the public road without a leash, without a muzzle and without sterilization, the respective infraction records were drafted in due time”, adds the PGR-P in a note published on its website.

The facts of the process took place on 24 May, 2017, in Matosinhos, Porto district, when the man took the dog onto the street “without using any security mechanism”.

The animal tried to bite a child, "so the defendant was urged by his parent to restrain the dog, which he refused to do", continuing his journey, states the prosecutor.

Moments later, "thinking he could be photographed, the defendant decided to go back and approached the child's father with the purpose of removing his cell phone".

Still according to the evidence collected, “in view of this attitude of the accused, the animal ran towards the child, who was with the father, attacked and bit him, as well as biting three more people who intervened to stop the child from being attacked".