Costa optimistic about quick recovery

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Costa optimistic about quick recovery

António Costa has said that the social effects of the covid-19 pandemic in Portugal have been "gigantic", but he is convinced that the country has "more muscle", both economic and social, and it will get "to the point of recovery" quickly.

"In addition to combating the covid-19 pandemic in terms of health, there is another struggle, which is the struggle for economic and social recovery. The damage is enormous: Many thousands of jobs lost, companies that have closed, earnings that have declined and an increase in effective poverty", he said.

Earlier, the Prime Minister had mentioned that, between 2015 and 2019, about 500,000 citizens "overcame" poverty in Portugal.

"But many of these 500,000 people who had come out of poverty, unfortunately, when we have the numbers for 2020 in a year, we will see that, surely, the values ​​of poverty have increased very significantly," he assumed.

However, António Costa spoke of "an effort to start over and recover, with the advantage that the country has already tested policies that have given good results and, therefore, if they are maintained, they will return to results".

"Fortunately, we now have added muscle that we did not have in 2015. Therefore, we can reach this point of recovery more quickly", maintained the prime minister.

At this point, he repeated the message that, for the Government, "it is not enough to put the country back in the situation it was in 2019".

"After reaching the point where we were in 2019, we need to make up for the time we lost until 2022. We have to get there ahead of time and better," he added, in an allusion to the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).

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One assumes that Mr Costa is right that his government’s COVID actions have impoverished thousands. But has the prime minister or any of his colleagues missed a single pay check? I don’t know, maybe they have donated their salaries to the poor? It would certainly be interesting to see some information on who has got richer during the COVID measures as well as those that got poorer?

And the prime ministers optimism for the future rather grates with the grim warning from Dr Luis Costa, Director of the cancer department at a Lisbon hospital yesterday. Dr Costa is reported as saying that as a result of the pandemic response, and the fear induced in the public, early cancer detection has fallen. Consequently metastatic breast cancers are now up 40% and cancer mortality in general is set to increase greatly in the coming years. Already 30,000 to 40,000 die of cancer every year in Portugal. This danger was warned about over a year ago but not addressed.

But the prime minister admits no mistakes and is optimistic! I read that he is looking for a plum job with the EU next.

By Philip from Other on 15-05-2021 10:47
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