A source told Lusa that "Portugal's consular posts in the United Kingdom have been notified of the case of a national who was temporarily detained and prevented by border control services from remaining in British territory after attempting to enter the country to work without a visa to do so."

The source further conveyed that another Portuguese man was not detained, but was prevented from entering the country for the same reasons.

"The two nationals were accompanied by the consular services, and the two cases constituted interlocution with the British authorities. These nationals were informed that they would have to return to Portugal, as it came to happen."

Two weeks ago, POLITICO confirmed that dozens of European citizens of various nationalities were being detained at airports, or placed in temporary detention centres, for several days until they were deported.

Similarly, the Guardian last week reported that some of the affected Europeans had job interviews, which official UK government standards allow.

This is in response to 'Brexit' - the UK leaving the European Union.

Since the 1st of January, citizens of the European Union (EU) have no longer been able to travel to the UK to work without having work, or student visa or resident status.

EU citizens can enter the UK without a visa and stay for up to 90 days, only if it is for tourism.

Nevertheless, border control agents can refuse entry if they have reasonable grounds to suspect that they wish to stay in the country without the necessary documentation.

This was already the case with immigrants from other countries out of the EU.

The Interior Ministry has updated instructions to security forces, meaning that foreign nationals in this situation can be released on bail if they have a place to stay.

"Now that freedom of movement is over, people across the EU can continue to visit the UK, but those who come to work or study must meet our entry requirements and ask them to check before travelling," a spokesperson told Lusa.

Although border control officers continue to have the ability to detain undocumented people, the Interior Ministry has determined that "whenever possible, removal will take place immediately and the individual will remain at the airport until the flight".