Rents in Portugal saw biggest rises in Europe

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Rents in Portugal saw biggest rises in Europe

Rents in Portugal, particularly in Lisbon, saw the biggest increases in Europe

This is according to a report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which placed Portugal tops in terms of rent rises, noting that in the case of Lisbon rents multiplied between 2013 and 2018.

The study “Affordable Rental Housing - Making It Part of Europe’s Recovery” notes the pressure on access to the rental market “has become a challenge in many European economies”.

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In Portugal . Here is no balance between income and house rent. This is very costly.

By Rajenderkumar from Porto on 29-05-2021 02:14

The Government of portugal ???????? must concern about the high house rent ,should have step to control it. The lower salary here is only 665 so how people can survive here.
And must tod about the Hospital where we cannot get proper treatment just because we don't know the language. If its a big language issue so why the Government open the immigration for outsider and so far what about the tourism here ?

By Marlin from Lisbon on 28-05-2021 10:58

Renting apartments are higher than a salary . Imigrants are increasing day by day also rise in rents . Its being one of the favourite destination for other europe & imigrants . government should give priority for this statement .

By Darai chandra from Lisbon on 28-05-2021 01:07

It's crazy that Rents are out of control, Salaries are so low and government is silent, this needs to be addressed and the Investor Mafia torturing people of Portugal should be exposed...

It's unbelievable that a bloody T2 have a asking price of 650 to 700 while salaries are so low...

It's so sad to see Portuguese people for ed out of their own land, but not just that many immigrants choose to leave Portugal and the biggest factors are Expensive Housing...

By Nitin Kapoor from Lisbon on 28-05-2021 12:13
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