Deadline ends today to pay Municipal Property Tax (IMI)

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Deadline ends today to pay Municipal Property Tax (IMI)

The deadline for homeowners to pay their Municipal Property Tax (IMI), either in full or the first instalment ends today.

IMI settlement notes were sent to 4,031,117 property owners this year, and for 920,660 the value was under 100 euros.

IMI taxes of €100 or less must be paid in full by the end of today; IMI values above 100 euros can be divided into two or three instalments to be paid between May and November.

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Don’t pAy these taxes!

These people, are communists, are planning to confiscate all private property in portugal! Under the wef communist great reset, they have already in portugal created the law, where they can simply just make up any excuse labelling it fir the better of the environment, to simply confiscate your private real estate, land apt house etc!

This law they made in secret last September 2020, and yiu cannot stop them, yiu will have no legal right to due legal process untillnyi7bare on the street homeless, and they have take from you by force if necessary your home!
Don’t pay these property taxes! The Portuguese goverment are traitors collaborating with foreigner powers to destroy their own people.
Portuguese wake up, you are being led to the slaughter in the name of the globalists so called great reset.
Which is communism and tyranny on a biblical scale!

By Peter drAke from Lisbon on 31-05-2021 12:17
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