Most young people decide to open their first bank account when they start working and receive their first income. For many, the beginning of their financial life actually begins with the opening of their first deposit account.

How to get started with your first bank account?

1. Know how to choose the “best bank” and the appropriate account

A large number of banks offer accounts for young people, usually up to 25 years old, exempt from maintenance fees.

Before opening the account, ask for the FIN- Standardised Information Sheet, which must be established by any bank and which allows the applicable conditions. Compare associated costs (for example, opening fee, card fees, transfers, and interest rates), opting for the most favourable.

2. Don’t be put off by appearances

If your friends, or your parents, have an open bank account, it does not mean that the same bank is best for you. Choose the bank that suits the best with your profile and needs.

3. Digital banking?

Nowadays, you can open your bank account without leaving home, with security guaranteed. Almost all banks offer a range of services through apps that we can use to check the bank account and make transactions.