Dee’s next step is launching a radio station that aims to help musicians that have had their passion and livelihood taken away due to the pandemic.

With a new radio project on the way, Dee (now an Algarve resident) explained to The Portugal News how she refused conventional treatment prescribed by doctors and opted to heal herself naturally using cannabis oil.

“When I was diagnosed, my oncologist recommended a year’s worth of chemotherapy, detailing that I had maybe one year left to live. I knew that chemotherapy was not going to make my suffering more comfortable but the complete opposite, so I thought - if I’m going to die anyway, what’s the point in poisoning my body for the short time I had left”, she said.

Dee started searching for natural ways to heal and found that many other people were healing with cannabis oil. So, she decided on this course of action. “I took the oil every night, treating it like a sleeping pill as the THC makes you sleepy, and while you sleep, you heal.”

Dee managed to heal within a short five months, using a range of supplements, diet change, and the illegal full extract cannabis oil.

“Almost four years on, I’m now healed and healthy. I continue to take the plant medicine as a preventive measure as cancer is likely to recur within the first two years.” However, “the oil protects me from all disease due to the protection of any radical change,” said Dee.

A few years before her diagnosis, Dee closely observed her sister’s suffering, who was also diagnosed with cancer and passed away two years later. Those moments contributed to her option of healing naturally.

“My sister had liver cancer. The opposite to me, she did everything that the doctors recommended, including chemotherapy. When told she only had two years to live, I questioned how they could put a timeline on a person’s life? But I soon began to understand that it is not the disease that kills, but the treatment”, she said.

Usually, after surviving cancer, patients prefer to close that chapter. However, Dee decided to share her experience to help inspire others to heal. That’s why she chose to write the book which shared her healing journey. The book’s success led Dee to create a private cancer support group to help other patients and their families. Dee now mentors patients worldwide and is also a columnist for two medical marijuana publications. She shares healing stories from various patients that she has helped heal from a range of diseases.

Dee then went on to launch her range of CBD oils - called My Way CBD. The reasoning was to help people access good quality affordable oils, unlike many others on the market.

“My job now is to educate people, teaching them how they can be healthy and prevent any disease, not just cancer,” she told The Portugal News.

‘My Way Radio’ coming soon.

The pandemic revealed another problem to Dee. “There are too many performers that haven’t been able to perform due to the lockdown restrictions,” adding that she has already been contacted by various artists who tried to put an end to their lives.

This is why Dee and her husband Ryan (the station manager and a music artist, aka Remmy Ruso) decided to launch a new digital global radio station adopting the same name as the brand: “My Way Radio.”
“My Way Radio” will be broadcasting a diverse range of music 24/7. We will air classic tunes and up-and-coming artists. We will also be hosting a range of motivational podcasts discussing health and wellness, cooking, sports, and current affairs”.

The radio can be listened to by downloading the free apps on iOS and Android and is also Alexa compatible to be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection.

“We’re giving performers a platform to get on board and be a part of the radio, to promote their music and feel the passion they’ve lost since Covid-19.” In her words: “there are many musicians who went into depression because of not being able to work due to the pandemic, many even considered committing suicide, so the radio has emerged as a light at the end of the tunnel to give artists and speakers a place to share their music and their voice.”

Since obtaining the license several weeks ago, the radio has continuously aired 24/7 music while the team tests the airways behind the scenes. My Way Radio hasn’t officially launched but will be within the coming weeks, keep an eye on their social media channels to be kept in the loop.

To download the app, just search for My Way Radio in the App Store or Google Play.

Dee’s range of CBD can be found at and for cancer support go to


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Paula Martins