With the “1056 Nights High” campaign, which has a maximum duration of nine months, the local authority, chaired by Carlos Chaves Monteiro, intends to support the municipality's hotels and restaurant, and help to kickstart tourism activity.

“It is another project that the municipality is developing to defend the local economy, as well as its power to attract tourists and, with that, support the hotels in Guarda. So, in order to promote those who want to visit Guarda and who sleep here one night, we are giving them a second night to continue to stay in the territory”, said the mayor on 23 June to Lusa News Agency.

According to the official, in addition to the second night's stay they will also issue a voucher of €10 , so that the same tourists can use it on meals in local restaurants.

Carlos Chaves Monteiro considers this a measure “of the greatest importance” to help restaurants, hotels and local accommodation units to overcome the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic.

The first period of the campaign will run from 1 July to 30 September.

Photo: Vitor Oliveira