The ordinance, which establishes the exceptional and temporary regime for the reimbursement of rapid antigen tests (TRAg) for professional use, is in force until 31 July, 2021, "without prejudice to its possible extension". According to the ordinance, the value of the State contribution in carrying out the TRAg is 100 percent of the maximum price fixed for the purpose of reimbursement (10 euros) and is limited to a maximum of four TRAg for professional use, "per calendar month and per user" .

In view of the current epidemiological situation, "it is important to intensify the use of tests for the detection of SARS-CoV-2, carried out progressively and proportionately to the risk, which contribute to strengthening the control of the Covid-19 pandemic", reads the ordinance signed by the Secretary of State for Health, Diogo Serras Lopes. In this context, it adds, in order to guarantee “the population's access to rapid antigen tests (TRAg) for professional use, and as a measure to protect public health, it is important to provide for an exceptional scheme for the reimbursement of TRAg carried out to users of the National Health Service (SNS)” and to establish a “special regime of maximum prices for the purposes of said contribution”, respective conditions of use and monitoring and control measures.

This regime does not apply to users with a vaccination certificate, that attests to the complete vaccination schedule of the respective holder, for at least 14 days, with a vaccine against Covid-19. It also does not apply to users with a certificate of recovery, which certifies that the holder has recovered from the disease, following a positive result in a molecular nucleic acid amplification test performed more than 11 days and less than 180 days ago.

The TRAgs for professional use can only be performed in workshop pharmacies and clinical pathology laboratories or duly authorized clinical analysis, stresses the ordinance, adding that the result is communicated to the user and will have to be registered in the SINAVElab system. With this measure, the Government intends to “facilitate citizens' access to the issuance of the EU Covid Digital Certificate, allowing the obtaining of a test result to people who do not yet meet the conditions for the issuance of a vaccination certificate, thus removing the resulting financial constraints. of its realisation”.

Consequently, it ensures "the permission to circulate in the national territory, as well as the use in matters of air and maritime traffic and events of a cultural, sporting, corporate or family nature". “The payment for the tests is processed based on the rules and terms defined for the reimbursement of drugs or complementary means of diagnosis and therapy, with the necessary adaptations, upon presentation of a declaration duly signed by the user.