That’s because I have friends in academe who study these things, and for the past fifty years I have been studying articles in scientific journals from Nature to Scientific American on many intriguing subjects.

I quote articles and produce charts taken from scientific journals, Mr Knight quotes none. Instead, without any evidence, he claims I am quoting “the fossil fuel industry”, whatever that may mean.

Thousands of years ago the oceans were rising rapidly as the earth came out of the last ice age. That mega rise has reduced to 4 inches over the last 100 years. That figure comes from the various geophysical surveys done by a consortium of government bodies, universities, and independent scientists, plus bodies set up by the UN to monitor sea levels, plus measurements made over a 50 year span by Russian and US satellites.

Doesn’t sounds like the fossil fuel kindjustury to me. What does your evidence say? And where does it come from?

You will see from my charts that current temperatures are the lowest of any recent interglacials. Are you implying that the charts I quote are false? If so, where are your charts?

Here again is the link to the scientific charts I am quoting:

I agree there has been “a staggering loss of biodiversity”, but that has not taken place over the past twenty years, but over the past 100 years. In fact the first red books were started 90 years ago. That is due to the use in agriculture by noxious chemicals designed to wipe out insects and creepy-crawlies, thus affecting the food chain. It is also due to the increase in scope of industrialised agriculture. And why is that? Over the past 100 years the population of the world has increased six-fold, it is that which is unsustainable. What do you suggest Mr Knight? Mass human culling?

As for the oil lobby, what do you think will power all these new electric vehicles if there is no oil? Where will the electricity come from? And how much mining does there have to be to obtain all the noxious chemicals needed to create and run electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines? It’s easy to boast about the benefits but everyone is hiding the snags under a large carpet. Do you actually know what it takes to create these so-called green energy devices? Check them out, it might give you a shock. Then check which companies these “green” politicians are investing in. That’s where the political narrative counts.

john clare. Arao.