According to a source from the District Command for Relief Operations (CDOS) in Faro, the accident occurred at 11:50 am, causing the death of a 73-year-old woman and light injuries to two men.

A source from the Republican National Guard (GNR) told Lusa that the accident "involved two light vehicles, which collided head-on, the causes that motivated the head-on collision is unknown."

The Traffic Accident Criminal Investigation Nucleus (NICAV) of the GNR is investigating the reasons that caused the accident, said the source.

The same source indicated that the accident forced the diversion of road traffic towards Faro/Lagos to the locality of Estombar, in the municipality of Lagoa.

In the direction of Lagos/Faro, traffic was diverted to the roundabout providing access to the hospital in Portimão.

Assistance and relief operations for victims involved 20 firefighters from Portimão, National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM), Portuguese Cruz Vermelha and GNR, supported by nine vehicles.